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Individual Cruise Line Engines

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Listed below are some of the Individual Cruise Lines that offer agents additional marketing materials and access to their online booking engines.  You can still book via phone until you receive your login.

Please advise on the form listed at the bottom of this page which cruise lines you need logins for as we will need to setup your login for your agency. 

Even if you already have a login with the cruise line on your own, maybe through another agency, you will need a user login under our CLIA # in order to earn our commission levels.

If the cruise line is Not Listed below then you can probably Self Register  based on the information that we provide on our Cruise Logins Page.

Only Check Off the Cruise Lines listed on the form below that you plan to book or market.

Here are some notes on setup for each cruise line:

Azamara, Celebrity, & RCCL: www.cruisingpower.com

You will be able to Self Register for an account with these 3 cruise lines. However, we will need to activate your account once we receive the notification email from RCCL that you have signed up.

Click Here for Further Info (opens into a new window)


Carnival: www.goccl.com

We will have to provide you a login for goCCL.com, their Agent Booking Site.  This will allow you to request your confirmations after you make a booking.
Costa Cruises: www.costaclick.com

Costa requires that the first character used be a letter before your 7 digit Agent ID # as this will be your User Name, so we will use the letter C and your Agent ID # (ex.C90xxxxx)
Crystal Cruises: Click Here for Info on Crystal

There are Two Agent Only Sites, one is the Agent Booking Engine & one is a Agent Marketing site.
Cunard, Holland, Princess, & Seabourn - Polar/OneSource

You will receive a Validation Email directly from Polar in order to activate your account after we create a login for you.

You will need to provide us with an Alternate Email Address IF you have already had in the past a login for Polar with a different agency using that same email address. The email address used for POLAR needs to be unique and cannot be used with two different CLIA numbers. 

However, if you want to use the SAME Email Address with us you will have to call the Princess One Source Help Desk at 800-544-9032 x 2 (M - F 6am to 5:45pm PST) and advise them that your email is already in use by an agency that you are no longer doing business with.  Once that is done we can register you under our CLIA number with that email address by filling out the form below.

So please enter your alternate email address in the field marked below if you are OK with using a different email address.

If you are already have Commodore Status you can contract Princess to attach your member # to your One Source Profile.
Disney Cruise Line:

You will be able to Self Register for Disney Cruise Line using our agency information and therefore we do not need to provide.
MSC Cruises:

MSC has 2 different agent sites, one site is their Agent Booking Engine and one is a Agent Marketing site.

Norwegian - NCL: www.norwegiancentral.com

NCL will send you an email with your temporary password within about 10 minutes after we create your login. 

Once you have it, you will be able to change that password by clicking on the I Forgot My Credentials link on www.norwegiancentral.com and provide your Username (Agent ID # ex. 90xxxxx) and email address.  The new password must be 5-12 characters long.

If you do not receive the email with temporary password you can click on I Forgot My Credentials link to have the system send you another temporary password.

If you use the same email under multiple agencies, please call the Automation Support Desk at 1.866.625.1160 for assistance.


The CLIA & IATA # for our agency is registered with our vendors under the agency name of Travel Network

  • Provide your First & Last name, your 7 digit Agent ID # & your email address. 
  • Date of Birth is required for some of the cruise lines.
  • Your telephone # is needed in case a cruise line needs to contact you.
  •   The preferred password needs to include at least one number.

  • Only provide alternate email address if you had a previous login for Princess (Polar) with another agency at some point and are requesting Polar access from us.


Please provide your First & Last Name

Only Check Off the Cruise Lines listed on the form below that you plan to book or market right now.

This form will not retain your information once you submit it to us.

* Required fields

Once you click on the Submit Form button above you will be taken back to this form. 

Please DO NOT fill out form again as you should receive an email confirmation that we have received your request. 


When requesting passwords that we must provide, please allow us some time (about 1 or 2 business days) to process as this is a manual process that must be done internally here.  During the weekends we will not be able to provide your login so please be aware of this.  Thank you.

Our business hours are M - F 9am - 5pm ET