How to Download ezTips Software
Easily quote & book right from your desktop

Download Travel Guard ezTips Desktop Software

Call ezTips to help install software and get Sign-In

(M-F 7am - 7 pm CST)

  • Click Here to Download
  • Under Downloads (left hand side)
    Click on ezTips 2.0 Application

  • You may see this message which you can ignore. 
    Publisher cannot be verified.
    Are you sure you want to install this application?

  • Click on Install
  • A Pop-Up Box will appear on the screen in order to Install:
       ARC Number: enter 31823643
       GDS: enter NO GDS
       Nickname: Enter your 7 digit Agent ID # (ex. 90xxxxx)
  • OK

You will to be assigned a User ID and Password directly from
Travel Guard when you call them.  The Login will consist of your
Email Address and the password will be a temporary one of travel.1

Travel Guard can provide a demo of the software as well.

If running Windows 7 or Windows 8, the icon may be hidden in the
lower right hand corner icon box.

If running the software on a MAC computer, they maybe able to provide
a solution for it to work on your computer as it normally works on a PC.

Make sure that you do not have your email address already registered
with Travel Guard in the past.  They may have to delete your existing

Step-by-Step Guide to use ezTips Software

(this shows you the whole booking process)

When you complete the purchase of insurance you
will enter on the Payment & Fulfillment Page (see Page 5 of 7 of guide)
the following information:

  • Agent Name: Name/90xxxxx
  • Agent Email: enter your email address

In order to get a hard paper copy and electronic copy for the client,
choose US Postal Copy and then forward your email copy to the client

Sample of Confirmation